Today, I was downtown for a lunch appointment and stopped in to see a longtime friend of the family.  While talking in his office, he was concerned that I would be upset that there was a sign for my opponent in their yard.  It turns out his wife was a friend of my opponent and offered to put up a sign in their yard.

His worries were unfounded.  I told him I wouldn’t be bothered by a sign. As a Director of Development at St. Peter’s — I am in the relationship business.  I love talking to anyone willing to listen about our mission of education at St. Peter’s and how their financial backing helps achieve that mission.

I would much rather see someone not compromise their friendships or beliefs for a vote.  I was humbled by the fact that it was of such a concern to him.  Then again, I think he was terrified of the wrath of my late grandfather from the grave.  They were friends for many years. I appreciated his concern and told him he had nothing to worry about from me.  He even offered to put a sign on the other side of his yard, but since I only purchased a minimal supply it wouldn’t be a big deal.  I told him the only thing that mattered is that I got his vote when he went to the polls.

While I hope to get every vote I can this Election Day and become your next councilperson in the Second Ward, I won’t let my principles slip to accomplish that task.  I’m sure my opponent will win some Republicans based on their relationships.  I know I’ve won the hearts of several Democrats who know my character and believe in my resolve to make Mansfield a better place to live, work & play.

If you haven’t had the chance to talk with yet and want to – feel free to call (419) 756-2893 or email me, let’s start building that relationship!

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