One of my first jobs in high school was working at Swallens on Park Ave. West.  There I met some great people and unfortunately was there when the store reached its demise in 1995.  It was the start of my retail career that kept me employed through college.  For the next five years, I worked for Walmart in Ashland and Mansfield, PA in a variety of positions, but all were customer service focused.

I understand that in order to be an effective public servant and good councilman, I must be responsive to the needs of the residents of the ward.  That means taking the time to return calls and emails in a timely fashion.  If one is not willing to be responsive to the people that put them in office, then they shouldn’t be in the job. 

If elected, it would be my goal to work with the residents of the second ward and helping connect residents to the services that they need.  As a digital professional, I also plan to keep track of those interactions and report back with those statistics.  While I may not be able to solve every issue – I’ll at least do my best to listen to your concerns and if the City of Mansfield can be of service then I would put you in touch with the appropriate resource.