Talk to any realtor and they will tell you the housing market has been bustling the last couple of years.  When my family was looking to purchase our home in Mansfield it was a challenge to buy a home because every time one came on the market — it sold within a day. We were lucky to get wind of the house we ended up purchasing was coming on the market. We put an offer in the day before the listing came on the market at the offer price, and the purchase agreement was accepted before it hit the MLS.

As the north side of Columbus continues to expand and housing prices continue to rise, Mansfield will continue to grow as an economical and convenient choice as a bedroom community.  As a city, we need to make our city attractive to residential development.  This is a great opportunity for parts of Ward 2 including our southern gateway along S. Main Street.

Mansfield has to put a focus on residential growth over the next decade. We can not continue to let all the residential growth (and future tax base) go to Lexington, Ontario, and Bellville.  As a city, we need to look at neighborhood renovation programs that can help our older neighborhoods see new life, and also make it easy for new neighborhoods to grow and deliver with our water and sewer access.