As we approach the final weekend before Election Day, and the weather outside has prevented me from walking, I figured I’d create a quick list of reasons why I hope you will vote for me to represent Ward 2 and the City of Mansfield for the next four years. These are issues I’d like to see addressed myself or are hot button issues in our community.

The second part will be coming up later this week. Have an issue you’d like me to answer? Email me:

Issue: Constituent Needs
Position: It’s my top priority.

I’m sad that this is even an issue in my race for City Council. It’s disappointing that our current councilperson didn’t always meet the needs of our residents.

I believe the first priority as a councilperson is to do my best to return calls and answer emails. I would also recommend implementing or improving a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that can track a citizen’s request/complaint from start to finish. I will also make every effort to attend neighborhood crime watch meetings.

Issue: North Lake Dry Dam Project
Position: Support

This is an economic growth no-brainer. We have an opportunity to reinvest in the north-end and remove more than 100 acres of land from the flood plain. It carries an expensive price tag and will take several more years to be completed. The dam will provide security for people living downstream from losing their homes and businesses. It also will provide the opportunity to reimagine the flats and provide new opportunities for businesses to locate in the city.

Issue: Water Meter Replacement Project
Position: Excited for project implementation

I’m glad to see this project moving forward, although I expect my water bill will increase once the new meters are installed. I currently pay less for water in Mansfield than in any other locale I’ve ever lived. For example, my average Mansfield water bill has been under $40 for a family of five. When I left Lawrence, Indiana, our average bill was around $50. (We paid another $15/mo. to the city for trash service.)

We live in an older home with an older meter. I’m guessing we’re under billed because the unit isn’t functioning properly. I’m all paying for the water we consume.

As a councilperson, I’ll be willing to adjust sewer rates if we are accurately billing utility customers, or is a burden on residents.

Issue: Parks
Position: Balanced Approach to Improving Our Parks

I’m excited to see the masterplan for our parks system. In the short term, I believe our priority should be to clean up and fix broken equipment. We should look to knock out projects that are low hanging fruit. I am still very much in support of a new skatepark and, hopefully, a new pool at some point down the road. However, accomplishing these big-ticket items requires cooperation, agreat deal of public input, and private partnerships to make these projects a reality.

Issue: Digital Image
Position: Support Implementing a New Policy

This goal is a personal one. As someone who managed large scale media websites since 2003, before venturing out on my own developing websites for clients in 2013, I have unique insights on how Mansfield can improve its digital image.

I would propose that the City Council create a new technology committee, that would work with the administration to make sure that our taxpayers are getting the best for their money. Also, make sure that training is adequate for city employees so they can use the technology.

I would also work very closely with the administration to help develop a new website for the City of Mansfield. It should be easy to use and visually appealing to potential new residents and businesses. Also, I would help to create a social media policy on who should be publishing content on behalf of the city. This includes not only places like Facebook, but also Twitter, Nextdoor, Instagram, etc.

As other candidates for City Council have mentioned, I would also support the live streaming of city council meetings — it wouldn’t take much to make that a reality.

Issue: City Budget
Position: Must be vigilant to stay in the black.

It’s our biggest cart and horse issue. We need to improve city services, but that requires revenue. We need to attract new residents and development in the city, but it requires a city with good services.

As a member of City Council, I will work with the Finance Director and the administration on ideas on how we can save money. Cutting expenses on things like paper usage would be a start. I plan on if elected to have all my documents provided digitally so as not to waste paper.

Issue: Curb Appeal
Position: Outdated, Faded Signs hurt our image.

One thing that I noticed when moving back to Mansfield is the number of street signs that are worn and faded and in some cases, unreadable. I would work with the streets department and the city engineer to use our GIS software to inventory and track the signs in the city. We could then start to slowly implement a replacement program so that signs are updated as needed. Also, when signs are installed there should be a standardized approach in the layout when it comes to our directional signage.

It’s a small gesture to improve our community’s overall curb appeal.

End of Part I

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