Issue: Mansfield Rising
Position: It’s a great start of what our future can become.

I think this is where my experience of living outside Mansfield for 13+ years will come as an advantage. I’ve seen the work done by different cities to improve their community’s curb appeal — Corpus Christi’s waterfront and realignment of Ocean Drive, and the Packery Channel Project.

In Indianapolis, there were so many projects that would take an entire post to fix. I was involved with the Lawrence Chamber, who was working with the city to redevelop Fort Henry Harrison. I would be remiss not to mention Carmel, Indiana who’s mayor has transformed their city into the Capital of Roundabouts in the United States.

Mansfield Rising is an excellent blueprint for how we can change our city and make it a more liveable community. Flipping the model to have members of our community help generate the ideas and lead the plan.

As a councilperson, I will do everything we can to prioritize #MansfieldRising projects and provide incentives for developers willing to risk their capital to make any project a reality.

Issue: Economic Development
Position: I support making deals to attract new businesses.

Mansfield Lahm has one of the longest airport runways in the State of Ohio and it’s surrounded by a large industrial park ripe for Development. I fully support tax abatements to encourage new businesses to locate in Mansfield. When possible, we need to protect the property tax revenues for our public schools.

Hundreds of residents make the commute daily to Columbus and Cleveland. I see opportunities along the S. Main Street corridor for residential growth. I would be open to supporting new residential developments with easy access to I-71. We have to be open to opportunities to grow our tax base.

More needs to be done to also re-think what can be done to revitalize the Miracle Mile. Some believe roller rinks and bowling are the answer, but what about a youth sports complex? Mansfield’s first ice rink, or indoor soccer facilities. Ohio Health is a partner with ice rinks in Columbus. Even though ice hockey has been in Columbus for several years now, hockey doesn’t feel like it’s caught on in Richland County.

It’s great to “think big”, but we also have to realize it’s up to private investors to find a business plan that works.

Issue: Chickens
Position: They’re not as big of a deal as some think.

In Indianapolis, backyard chickens were legal. There were two or three homes on my block that had a chicken coop in their backyards. I sold my house in 10 days, with chickens nearby.

If the issue comes before City Council again, I would not be opposed to allowing them in the city. I do believe they need to be in a decent size yard and would prefer to see the city have an animal control officer that is focused on animal issues in the city limits.

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